Welcome to our first ever Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America Travel Guide. We are excited to bring you, in cooperation with Recommend magazine, an information-packed reference guide to one of the most exciting and amazing regions in the world.

With strong economies and steady growth, doing business in Latin America is more rewarding than ever. The region brims with exotic cultures, inspiring landscapes, fast-paced cities and natural marvels both on land and underwater. These compelling nations are occupied by citizens who are proud of their unique heritage and who enjoy showing it off to anyone and everyone. Visitors to this part of the world will find more than their share of open arms and welcoming smiles.

The islands of the Caribbean are well known for fun in the sun, with miles of beautiful beaches and serene sea views. But there is more to the Caribbean than lounging on the beach. Lush tropical rainforests and coral reefs, water sports, scuba diving, kite surfing, windsurfing, deep-sea fishing or compete-to-your-heart’s-content golf courses are among the many other activities you will enjoy while visiting.

Latin America is the land of the Maya and the Inca, the samba and tango, sophisticated capital cities and charming colonial towns. This region also is full of nature reserves, teeming with beautiful flora and fauna and irresistible shops filled with artful hand-crafted souvenirs. South of our border, adventure awaits you—from Central America’s Great Barrier Reef and scenic national parks—to South America’s Amazonia and Patagonia—to the unique wonders of Easter Island and the Galapagos Islands.

With over 1,000 weekly flights to and from 52 spectacular destinations in 32 countries throughout the region, Delta is working to be the best U.S. carrier in Latin America.

No matter whether you’re flying to Santiago or San Pedro Sula, we want to be your preferred airline to Latin America, the Caribbean and Mexico. We look forward to seeing you onboard soon!

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