Best places to visit In Goa for honeymoon in 2017

Best Places to visit in Goa for honeymoon 2017  In India, there are so many places for the honeymoon but Goa is one of the best places to visit for a honeymoon because there are so many beaches and so many other places as well and the weather here in Goa is really good throughout the year which attracts everyone particularly newly married and couples.

Places to visit in Goa for Honeymoon in 2017

Besides honeymoon destinations here in Goa there so many other attractions as well like beautiful churches here some heritage places which have been declared


ORGANIZATION ) like Churches and Convents of Goa.


However, one can visit Goa any time. Whenever you come in you always find it new Goa but mostly foreign tourists

come in Goa in summer winter and Rainy seasons also Indian tourists go Goa in all three seasons .but according to

tome best time to visit Goa will be between mid-December to January because one region is that in December and

January there is not much hot and cold the weather so much suitable you can enjoy more and more and the

2ndregion is that besides enjoying honeymoon you can also celebrate a new year in Goa as well it means you are killing

two birds with one stone one hand you are enjoying your honeymoon and another hand you celebrating the new year as well.It is also money saving plan as well for everyone.

Best Places to visit in Goa for honeymoon in 2017

Before leaving Goa you must know a little bit about Goa like what is all about Goa where it is situated.Goa is a small but beautiful state in India

Goa is divided into two parts South and North Goa. Goa is situated on the western coast of India between the borders

of Maharashtra and Karnataka. In Goa economy mostly deepens on tourism and one can say that tourism is the

backbone of Goa’s economy.In 2011 Goa handled around 2.28% of all foreign tourist arrival in the country.

There are some other places in Goa you also can visit Forts, Museums, Disco and ride with motorcycles. One thing

I would like to add if you are in Goa where ever you want to go. So better take the bike if you are visiting the best

places with bike ride it will double your enjoinment. Apart from visiting famous places in Goa, must go to the disco at

night there are so many good discos there as well. This is all about the “best places to visit in Goa in 2017″

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  • Really thankful for sharing this useful post !! Goa is a nice place to visit for holidays and i am really going to Goa with family to visit these top ten places and other beautiful destinations in Goa.

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