Best places to visit Nainital.  Today I am going to tell you best places to visit Nainital


If you are planning to visit Nainital you must go there in summer because if you go there in summer

You will have more fun because in winter there will very cold and the temperature will be around in

(-10) degrees ) one thing  I want to tell you even if you are going there in summer must carry your

Woolen clothes like at least one jacket.

In day then there  will not be much cold but after 4 pm you start feeling cold then you must need

A jacket.

Now I am going to tell you about best places to visit Nainital one by one

1-one of the best place to visit Nainital is Naini Lake (NAINITAL ) Tal means lake

Naini lake is located in Uttarakhand, It’s length is around 1.430 km and depth around 90ft and surface

Elevation 1930(Approx) it is really charming and everyone wants to go there at least once  because to

Witness its beauty.

Naini lake looks really beautiful at night I am sure if you see it a night you will not believe your eyes.

You feel you are in haven it looks really beautiful at night so I request everyone at least in life you must

Visit Naini Tal (Naini lake).

How you will reach Nainital if you are going from Delhi you can go by bus or train or by flight

By train, you have to get down at Kathgodam and then take taxi it will be around 34 km from

Kathgodam and the nearest airport will be Pantnagar around 54 km from IGI airport Delhi.

According to me the 2nd best place to visit Nainital is Goddess Naina Devi temple

It is a very well known Shakti Peeth of Hindu religion, Naina Devi so must go there

To take the blessing of Mata Naina Devi.


3rd Best place to visit Nainital will be High Altitude Zoo it is also situated in Uttarakhand

And its near to Nainital, Established in 1984 and it is open for public in 1995 and it is open

For public between Tuesday to Sunday (09:30 am-16:30 pm).


4th Best place to visit Nainital will be Naina Peak it is also situated in Uttrakhand and its,

Very near to Talli Tal(Naini Tal).Its altitude is around (8578 ft) if you want to go Naina peak

You must go by walking from Nainital for better experience all around greenery will like

By your eyes I am sure.

It is also known China Peak.After reaching China Peak you can see Himalaya and all around

Beautiful snow you feel really good .so go and enjoy.



about 2 more Best places to visit Nainital I will write in my next Article so Keep reading my

articles till then enjoy and have big fun.


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