Best Places Visit Uttrakhand My top 5 ”best places visit Uttarakhand” in 2017.

If you talk about 5 best places visit Uttarakhand these 5 places coming in my mind.


Nainital is one the ”best places visit Uttarakhand” because if you want really enjoy then you must visit

Nainital. It is surrounded by beautiful lakes like Nainital beautiful view and if you want you can enjoy boating here as

well, it will double your joy.


Best time visit Nainital: best time to visit Nainital is around summer

Because in winter here is very cold .so if you visit Nainital in summer

You will really feel very much good weather neither cold nor hot but after 4 pm Nainital will get little bit colder beautiful breeze start blowing.

The 2nd ‘best place to visit Uttarakhand’ will be Almora like Nainital Almora is also very cold place and very nice

a place to visit. It is surrounded by beautiful rocks and also there is so many very good temple to take the blessing

Dromoland Goddess .some popular things of Almora is Bal mithai. Bal mithai is one of the very famous sweet of Almora. Very peace town Almora is.


The 3rd ”Best places visit Uttarakhand” will be Ranikhet. Ranikhet is very near to both Almora and Nainital it will take you hardly one hour or little more than one hour.

my 3r best places visit Uttarakhand will be Ranikhet, If you are in Ranikhet you will feel like you are in Switzerland according to me Ranikhet is Switzerland of

Uttarakhand it will not be wrong. If you want to take the ice in your hand then Ranikhet is one of the best places

The .thefamous thing about Ranikhet is you will never be cheated here you will get everything pure like nectar.

Fruits, vegetables, sweets, If you are in Ranikhet and you have faith in God then you can go very famous temple

named Dunagiri. Dunagiri is one of the famous temples. It is surrounded by beautiful trees and also you can see Himalaya from Here

Covered by real white snow.

My 4th  ”best places visit Uttrakhand” will be Mussoorie. It is a hill station of Uttarakhand and it is around 34 km from Uttarakhand capital

Dehradun and 289 km from Delhi. The weather of Uttarakhand is very cloudy and very cool weather.

Some famous place here that you can visit Bhatta, Jharipani, and Mossy falls and two famous temples here Nag Ddevta and Jwalaji temples take the blessing.

The 5th “Best places visit Uttarakhand” according to me will be the capital of great and cold city Uttarakhand is

Dehradun. Here all hotels and city itself are surrounded by very thick forest and beautiful greenery you will witness

here. Being a capital of Uttarakhand my other best places visit Uttrakhand will be Deharadoon there is some factory here where there so many workers working and they really do very hard work.

People of Uttarakhand will be very honest very less chance of being cheated here one of the very important things

you can do before leaving to these hill stations please carry your light woolen clothes to keep yourself little bit warm if you needed. If you are foody you can have all pure meals fruits everything here. So all the best to you and welcome to Dehradun.


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