Hotels in Nainital

there are so many hotels in Nainital but today I am going to tell you about top 5 best hotels in Nainital. Before giving

detail about 5 best hotels in Nainital. In Nainital whatever you served that will be natural and pure so if you want to Nainital and stay in Hotels without hesitations, you can choose any of the 5 hotels that I am going to tell you about.

  • The Naini Retreat

  • The Manu Maharani
  • Hotel Chevron Fairhavens
  • Season Resort
  • Hotel classic-The Mall

If we talk about hotels in Nainital

1.The Naini Retreat

5 best hotels in Nainital.The Naini Retreat is one of the best hotels in Nainital

It is believed that it was the residence of Maharaj philibhit it is located very near to Naini lake and providing a very

good view of a Naini Lake it is a really beautiful hotel in this hotel the supporting staff is really very friendly very

polite in their behavior and they are ready to serve you properly anytime.

In this hotel, you will get all kind of good and high genic food Indian, Mughlai

Chinese and continental food.If you want to hold a meeting where you can do so as they will arrange conference hall

for you so you will get all facility of the best things about this hotel you will get a very clear picture of Naini

Lake.which is very good feeling and exercise for your very precious eyes.

  1. The Manu Maharani 

In 5 best hotels in Nainital  

2nd best hotels according to me will me The Manu Maharani.It is also very near to Nainital Lake around 2km.It is

1km (approx.) from Nainital bus stand and around 40km from the nearest Railway station Kathgodam and just 64

km from Pantnagar Airport.

Here you will get everything pure and natural whether food, fruits etc.

3rd best hotels in Nainital according to me will be Chevron Fairhaevns .

It is also one of the best hotels in Nainital it is situated in the city of heart and very near to Naini Lake.

How you  reach this hotel

If you are going from Delhi it will be around 300 km.

4th Best hotel in Nainital will be Season Resort

This is also a very good hotel and its very near to Naini Lake.Mall road is not far away from here.In Nainital in the

night, it really looks really beautiful.

5th “Best hotels in Nainital” will be Hotel Classic the mall

Hotel Classic is also a really beautiful hotel in Nainital all the facility here is really good I did not have any complaint

about anything here.I enjoy very much here.

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